Photo by Antoine Braxton of Tell-A-Vision Films.

"When we finished our film 17 BLOCKS, we grappled with an urgent question: How can we use our film to make a difference in the world? Ken instantly grasped our project's nuance and scope, and then set out like a man on a mission to help us amplify the film's release and help it reach its impact potential. He led us through the deep thinking required to shape an ambitious yet achievable impact campaign, and tapped his vast, formidable network to help find allies for the project who could support our impact goals. Kind, clear, and decisive, Ken has become an indispensable partner. As we build toward our launch, we're thrilled to begin reaching audiences, and infinitely grateful for Ken's wise and savvy stewardship. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have him on their team, supporting their project."

Davy Rothbart, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, bestselling author, contributor to This American Life

"Ken was a smart, compassionate and unrelenting advocate for us on 17 BLOCKS. From the subjects, to the filmmakers, to the producing team, Ken was able to listen and service all manner of our goals. Ken was there for us at every step along the way, converting strategy into action, no matter how late the hour. I look forward to collaborating with him again."

Michael B. Clark, Emmy Award-winning producer and film executive; Head of New Ventures, Big Beach Films